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Providing intensive TESOL Certification (TESL/TEFL) training to qualify you to teach English anywhere in the world.

Why become a language teacher with us ?

Location Independent!

1) Support yourself financially

Support yourself financially, while being location independent!

2) Learn how to be self-employed.

Start your own online business with guidance from experienced and successful private teachers. 

3) Gain confidence and courage.

Gain the confidence needed to fulfill your dream of moving to another country or support yourself at home.  In just 5 intensive days, you will feel transformed into a more confident, and capable teacher.

4) Join the club!

Meet other people with exactly the same goals as you! 

5) No long term education debt!

We offer a very affordable way to get qualified to teach English or any other language in which you are proficient. Taking our program will save you between $500 to $2000 dollars, when compared to other TESOL Certification Programs.

6) Ready and qualified to teach in one intensive week!

Become certified and ready to walk into a classroom – virtual or otherwise – and start working immediately upon finishing our one-week course .

7) Benefit from experienced, authentic instructors.

Gain insight from the combined 50 years of teaching and life experience of our instructors. They  have traveled to 50 countries and lived in 9 of them.  They have learned 3 languages and counting…

8) Explore the neuroscience behind learning.

In addition to learning how the brain prefers to learn a language, you will explore its potential to learn anything!

9) Not a dull moment during class!

Experience the laughter and joy of our classroom setting, group discussions and teaching practices. A thrilling, inspiring experience  unlike anything you may have experienced in a traditional classroom.

10) Acquire a reliable Plan B.

Don’t fancy teaching a language as a life-long profession?  We completely understand! Still, getting this qualification is a wise investment which can carry you over until you find other employment or as a means of supporting yourself if you plan to live in a foreign country. The demand for English teachers is insatiable! Our training and your certificate will be there when you need it.

Chelmsford, UK 2019

From a student to a teacher in 5 days!


“I loved all the scientific research and the why and who of methods and principles. The course was dense with information, easily digested from pleasant professionals. Participation was a natural follow thru from being motivated.” Kathy-Virtual Class December 2020

“I enjoyed learning the different methods by learning them in Swahilli. It was authentic and real and I personally got to experience the different methods. I loved learning about the brain and how it wants to learn. It wasn’t too technical but just enough to understand the process. I was completely engaged throughout the day, each day of the class. That in itself shows that the methods worked. The breakout rooms and the class interaction was a fantastic way to explore the methods in a comfort environment. It was neat to see how each day we each got more and more comfortable and confident. We learned a lot from each other as well from the amazing instructors. The homework was a perfect amount. Enough to experiment with the methods without being overwhelming. It was by far the best learning experience secularly that I have ever had. I honestly can’t think of how the class could be improved. The length of time for the class was perfect, the price was super reasonable and the curriculum was incredible. Thanks for an incredible week of fantastic instruction. ” Cheri- Virtual Class December 2020

“I enjoyed the countless opportunities to put into practice the methods and principles that were being taught. These opportunities really gave me the chance to cement the concepts in my mind and gave me confidence that I can do this! Ruth and Jordan, you are both such amazing people and teachers! It was such a pleasure to learn from you both. The course was organized so well and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” Emma-Virtual Class December 2020

“Learning many different teaching methods, learning potential of human brain and ability to learn anything if done properly. Constant group activities to promote confidence in teaching and methods learned during course.” Ryan-Virtual Class December 2020

“I loved the variety of courseware, the class interaction, immediate practice of theory and the unpredictability of the course, enthusiasm of the lecturers. Loved the course. Well done guys!!” Anne-Virtual Class December 2020

“Conciseness, great atmosphere, most practical information, positive approach. I knew that I was going to have a blast, but this course was still beyond my expectations.” Ninel-Virtual Class December 2020

“What an incredible experience! I highly recommend this course! Upon completion, I gained more than just a TESOL certificate. I’m telling my friends, “If your goal is to teach a language or perhaps to learn a language, the principles and methods taught in this course will make your goals achievable with any language. It was fun, easy to understand, concise, and full of resources and information that will help you get started.” I loved how we, as students, were fully involved in each lesson! We had many opportunities to practice each method and principle. Thus, each of us gained inner confidence and a deeper understanding of how each method works. Thank you very much, Jordan and Ruth! The experience was worth every penny!” Danielle-Virtual Class December 2020

“I was NOT bored! Fun, lively, fast paced and interactive which at first was scary as I had no idea what I was doing. Second demo, no problem just jumped in and had fun.” Karlyn-Virtual Class December 2020

“It has been a wonderful experience for me to learn how to teach without pressure just using motivating methods and great ideas and at the same time having lots of fun.  I also really appreciated the background information and details such as a good nutrition for a teacher or how to deal with difficult  students or how to organize myself. It was just a  perfect course. ” Elke-Virtual Class September 2020

“Everything was absolutely amazing. The quality of instruction was beyond what I had even imagined.  Your and Ruth’s enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. Makes me want to do great things with teaching.  The guest speakers were very informative and super helpful.” Tonia-Virtual Class September 2020

“Such an encouraging, positive and energetic week, filled with so many new and exciting ways of learning! Getting to work with my classmates, and being able to practice with them the teaching methods was so helpful and fun; thank you, grazie and asante from the heart!” Priscilla-Virtual Class September 2020

“I have been really impressed with the course. It was awesome. It was tremendously practical. I learned so many useful methods regarding how to teach a foreign language and how to make learning process for students fun experience as well. Even though I have been teaching English for some time now, I had no idea there were so many nice techniques to use in teaching. I am looking forward to applying them. Besides, I’ve learned so many things about brain functioning during the learning process and that’s I am very happy about. Thank you so much. You must have put forth tremendous effort in preparing such a practical and easy applicable course. I personally can’t see anything you need to improve in. Everything was just gorgeous.” George-Virtual Class September 2020

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What are people saying?

“What an amazing class to be a part of! It truly could have saved me from a lot of stress the last two years of teaching (trial and error) without having done this course.  I definitely did things backwards. Take this class first is what I highly recommend!” –RANDY

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